The year has been challenging, but we are among the top 20 olive growers in the world

We will remember this year in many ways. Completely unexpected and problematic, but also extremely positive situations alternated, which in some way corrected the difficulties caused by the weather and at the same time gave us new reasons for pride and satisfaction.

So we must point out that according to the world’s most influential olive oil guide Flos Olei 2022, we are ranked among the 20 best olive growers in the world. At the same time, we had reason to celebrate also because our Coratina, a monosort oil, literally swept the competition away and became the best olive oil in the Flos Olei category of monosort oils of medium fruitiness. We have been sending samples to this renowned guide for years, but this is the first time that we are included in the top 20 in the world, alongside the strongest producers from Italy, Spain, France… And we are proud of the success of Coratina because it is a variety that is very sensitive and susceptible to disease and requires a lot of attention and work.

But it is precisely this dedicated effort and work that has been rewarded in the best possible way, which is the strongest incentive to continue on the path we have set. And on that way it is often not easy at all, because you largely depend on nature and the current weather conditions, which you simply cannot influence. Another harvest is behind us, but it was preceded by a very challenging year, given what nature has prepared for us. At first, the olives were exposed to frost in late spring that no one expected and this was followed by an excessively hot and very dry summer.

The result of all these events is that this year’s harvest gave a lower yield of olives than usual, but, on the other hand, the harvested fruits resulted in olive oil of exceptional quality. So, it is smaller than in previous years, but its quality is top notch. But all this is part of our work to which we have dedicated our lives and we invite you to continue to enjoy our best extra virgin olive oils, whose world quality is confirmed by several awards and medals.