This year has given us an abundance of world quality oils

Another successful olive season is behind us. The harvest is over which this year was extremely rich and simply fantastic. The olive trees have rewarded us with an abundance of juicy and healthy fruits, so the crown of everything is top quality oil, ready for further placement

When we planned the harvest, the olives were still green and everything was as we had hoped and predicted, but this year, due to the high yield of trees, the harvest took longer than usual. Nature said so, and we are here to follow its rules and to work together to get the most out of it, to the satisfaction of all our customers who give us their trust in the search for top quality olive oil. We have been building a base for that trust for a long time, with dedicated work and refined variations that constantly raise the bar of excellence. Formal confirmations of what we have achieved, and what we offer to our customers, we have received through listings in Flos Olei, the world’s most famous guide to olive oils that only the 500 best can enter. Additionally, our Coratina oil won a gold medal at the NYIOOC, the world’s most prestigious olive oil competition.

Therefore, when you are looking for what is the best olive oil, you will find it right in our bottles. It will enrich your life with unsurpassed flavours and an abundance of health. And in order for it to be the same in the future, there is no rest for us after the end of the harvest. Autumn and the following winter works in the olive grove continue.

Our fantastic trees deserve it, as you deserve the best Červar olive oil.