Olive Oil

A wide range of quality Istrian extra virgin olive oils, recognized as healthy and persistent oils of proven quality.


blendSan Servolo

Packaging: 250ml / 500ml / 750ml

In the terrain of San Servolo (Sveti Servul) in the vicinity of Novigrad, olive trees of the Červar family have been planted. This oil was named after it. The oil itself is a blend of extra virgin olive oils from the varieties Busa, Rosignola, Leccino, Pendolino and Picholine. It is characterised by a light green colour, pleasant piquancy and bitterness, intense olive, almond and herbs aroma. This oil is an interesting spice for fish or cheese, as well as for everyday culinary use.



Packaging: 250ml / 500ml

The monovarietal extra virgin olive oil Bianchera is a product of the indigenous variety Istrian bjelica (Istarska bjelica), which gives an oil of an expressed green colour, pronouncedly expressed piquancy and pleasant bitterness. Istrian bjelica (Istarska bjelica) has an intense taste and lasts long in the mouth due to its phenolic content, it is characterised by the aromatic profile with aromas of radicchio, chicory and rucola. The intensity of this oil is best paired with complex meat dishes, with venison or mushrooms and when it comes to desserts, with chocolate combinations.




Packaging: 250ml / 500ml

The monovarietal extra virgin olive oil Coratina has a green colour with golden reflections and it recognisable for its specific combination of the aroma of green almonds, freshly-mown grass and artichoke. This oil is intense, of pronounced piquancy and mild bitterness, with a final taste experience enriched by sweetness. It is an excellent spice to a vegetable bruschetta or marinated seafood bruschetta, and it pairs well with grilled meat dishes, as well as with cooked vegetable salad. It can be used as a spice to desserts with white chocolate and simple sponge cakes.



Packaging: 250ml / 500ml

The monovarietal extra virgin olive oil Žižolera stands out for its golden- yellow colour with golden reflections, of mild bitterness and medium intense piquancy. The aroma is characterised by notes of raddichio and chicory, in dry years with a scent of mown grass. This oil is an excellent addition to ripe cheese, foie gras, dried meat spreads and vegetable pasta.