Pruning in our olive grove

We are looking forward to the flowering of olives in the Červar olive groves

With the first warmer days, when the spring sun shyly appears, olive growers diligently head to their olive groves after the winter break to do an important part of tree care – pruning. This is an extremely important process for any olive tree, as a disorderly treetop will eventually have less fruit. Olives love light and the branches that are in the shade will not bear fruit. Diseases that attack olives will sooner come to a treetop that is not nicely arranged and shaped. Proper and timely pruning means a tree will be healthy and will reward us for that care, when the time comes, with an abundance of precious fruits. This period we have dedicated to pruning which we always do according to the rules of nature, so we can give the olive trees all they require. We can say that through caring for our trees we create a special relationship and synergy with them and the natural processes, in which we experience our olives as conscious, living beings, as our friends and allies. And that is why we are extremely looking forward to the coming late spring, when the olive trees will delight us with their flowers.


Olives are in bloom in late May or early June, and if you have never seen an olive flower, know that it is extremely beautiful and interesting. Olive flowers look like small grapes, and there can be up to forty flowers on each of them. But in order for olives to bloom at all, in addition to the already mentioned care for the trees, they also need the right amount of sun and moisture, as well as the appropriate temperature and soil on which they can fully develop.
That is why the flowering, its beginning and end, varies depending on the year and weather conditions during springtime. It is equally important to know that olives require pollination, which is achieved in the olive grove thanks to natural conditions and the wind that carries pollen, or by planting different varieties that pollinate each other. Yes, olive growing is a process in which many rules of nature must be followed, so that in the end we can all enjoy this liquid gold – the priceless olive oil. And of course, you have to love olives as we do, truly and from the bottom of our heart.