After Coratina, our San Servolo olive oil also shines with the glow of a gold medal

We were crowned with gold again, which makes us immensely happy and proud. This time, the Červar San Servolo extra virgin olive oil shines with the strongest brilliance, winning a gold medal in the Quality Olive Oil Awards category at the renowned Berlin GOOA (Global Olive Oil Awards) 2021. Everyone who knows the world of olive oils knows that this is an extremely prestigious competition in which the greatest experts in the field of science, food technology and the world of business evaluate top olive oils from many countries. This competition is synonymous with excellence and quality recognition, and the oils awarded at it are globally recognized as the best there are. 764 oil samples from 22 countries arrived at this year’s competition, and our San Servolo won a gold medal in the first and most important category for quality. It is a balanced oil that is a blend of extra virgin olive oils from the varieties buža, rosignola, leccino, pendolino and picholine. It is characterized by a light green color, pleasant spiciness and bitterness and an intense aroma of olive, almond and aromatic herbs.

Last year we also experienced days of pride, when our extra virgin single-variety Červar Coratina oil won a gold medal at the world’s most prestigious olive oil evaluation competition, the New York International Olive Oil Competition (NYIOOC). At that time, oils from 26 countries worldwide were in the competition.

Both of these medals show us that we are on the right track and that all our hard work has rewarded us with the realization of our greatest dream – to create the best extra virgin olive oils in the world.