Olive oil is our ally in the winter months

Usually, winter is the time when we eat more concrete meals than on those warmer days. Simply put, winter time is looking for that slightly “heavier” food and there are a number of ways you can pair it with premium extra virgin olive oil, and thus add value to your meals. A pleasant fire is burning in the taverns, so many throw a good steak or some other tasty piece of meat on the grill. When it is baked, pour extra virgin olive oil over it and you will get a top combination.

Equally, last year’s prosciutto is now ready for slicing and tasting, so if you serve some quality, ripe cheese as a true gourmet, you simply have to enrich the whole story with olive oil. Your meal does not necessarily have to be meaty. Fish is always welcome and winter is the time for squid hunting. Of course – whatever you eat from the seafood menu, olive oil is a must-have supplement. Did you know that you can put a few hot peppers in a jar of extra virgin olive oil and let it all stand, for the peppers to release their flavor and bitterness? This way you will get a spicy olive oil that will be a fantastic addition to the meat, but also to the various stews that are eaten at this time of year.

And if you are one of those who like to eat well and you are always worried that these more specific foods will be heavy for your stomach, it is olive oil that will make the story easier and protect the digestive system. After all, premium extra virgin olive oil is not only a gastronomic delight, but also literally a source of abundance of health. It will be a protection for your cardiovascular system, which is especially important during the winter and it will also regulate cholesterol. Also, it has anti-inflammatory properties, preserves bone health and in these cold days, when we are all a little slow, it will increase the clarity of your mind.

There is an endless list of benefits of olive oil and therefore, the only thing left is to choose our, top quality – Červar extra virgin olive oil.