Together with our oils, gift your loved ones love and gratitude

One of the eternal questions of life is what is more beautiful – to receive or present gifts? Some enjoy giving and some when they are presented with an unexpected gift. But when it comes to our Červar olive oil, you can do both. The one who gives it away will know that he has chosen the best, top quality, health from nature in a bottle of liquid gold for a dear person, family member or business partner. And the one who receives our oil as a gift will be indescribably happy because he has received something of inestimable value, a product that will enrich his life on many levels.

The holiday season is also called the time of giving, because now is the right time to thank all the people who mean the most to us by giving them presents for everything they have done for us. Let this gift, in which all your love, respect and gratitude is woven in, be one of the Červar olive oils.

There are four types of olive oils at your disposal – San Servolo, Bianchera, Žižolera and Coratina. All four are top, world-class olive oils. You can order them in quantities and in the size of bottles according to your own wishes and needs, and you can also choose one of our ready-made gift packages. The packages are in boxes specially designed for this purpose and come in three variants. The first is one bottle of oil in a box, the second is with two bottles of oil that you combine as you wish, and the third is a gift box with all four types of oil. You can opt for bottles of 100 ml, 250 ml or 500 ml of Červar olive oil, depending on which type of package you choose.

So, all the options are there, fantastic gifts are ready, so let your good wishes travel to dear people in every drop of our olive oils. We produced them with a lot of joy and love. Pass these feelings on, to all those you care about.