Olive oil on ice cream or in a chocolate cake? Why not!

Modern gastronomy has expanded the possibilities of the aromatic and textural combination of olive oil with other ingredients, and the imagination of today’s ingenious chefs has gone the way of using olive oil not only as a spice or topping but also as a structural ingredient in various desserts. 

You have probably already tried vanilla ice cream topped with olive oil, as this combination is already quite common, and we definitely suggest you try this ice cream with Červar extra virgin olive oil of the Coratina variety, which otherwise goes well with ice cream and white chocolate desserts, as well as with simpler sponge cakes.

Ice cream with olive oil is a step further, i.e. the process by which olive oil is mixed into the mixture from which the ice cream is prepared. The result is ice cream, whatever taste it is, in which its sweetness emphasizes the fruity aromas of olive oil and the oil in turn gives the ice cream extra creaminess and sweetness. In addition to the already tried and tested combination in vanilla ice cream, olive oil is particularly attractive in enriching citrus-flavoured ice creams, such as lemon or orange. But the full splendour of its potential in enriching desserts olive oil will show when combined with chocolate, and not just in ice cream. 

Olive oil can give the chocolate cake a whole new dimension of flavour and even if it is a stronger intensity olive oil, it can be imposed on other ingredients. Therefore, it is advisable to use milder olive oils in the preparation of biscuit dough for cakes, using a simple method: instead of the same amount of butter or other types of oil in the basic recipe, we will use the same amount of olive oil. For fans of more spicy flavours, the ideal addition to the chocolate cake will be Červar extra virgin olive oil Bianchera, from the indigenous variety Istrian Bjelica, while for those more inclined to milder aromas for pairing with chocolate in the chocolate cake, the Červar mixed extra virgin olive oil San Servolo will be ideal, a blend of the varieties Buža, Rosignola, Leccino, Pendolino and Picholine. The fourth oil from the Červar range of extra virgin olive oils, the Žižolera variety oil, is seen as an ideal addition to fruit cakes, whether it is poured over a slice on a plate or mixed into the biscuit dough or into the fruit cream. 

The excellent Červar extra virgin olive oil available at the Červar Taste & Shop store in Sv. Servul near the city of Novigrad, can not only enrich your usual desserts, but will also inspire you to come up with new ones, because the combinations are inexhaustible and the use of olive oil in preparing or serving desserts is not only a gastronomic innovation, but also