The trees are rich and fertile, so we are eagerly awaiting the harvest

We are counting down the days to the month of October because then the most important event for us occurs, which we wait for all year round – the olive harvest. And when we mention waiting, we are talking about active waiting, through which we have taken care of our trees since the last harvest, pruned them, nurtured them and did everything necessary to get an invaluable reward from them. What the weather will be like throughout the year and how the trees will react to it, is always some kind of lottery. Every olive grower knows this well, because what a man can do with his efforts has certain limits. Everything else lies in the hands of nature.
And this year we are especially happy on our farm, because the trees are healthy, full of rich yields that will give top quality olive oil. Nature has been extremely generous to us this season.

In the Červar olive groves we grow several varieties of olives. In addition to the well-known Istrian variety bjelica, famous for its distinctive, intense taste, we grow the varieties buža, rosignola, leccino, pendolino and picholine … Although different in nuances of aroma, they all have in common that they are top quality and that you get premium olive oils from them that are among the best in the world.

Istria is characterized by the fact that we have an early harvest here, which is the key factor for the quality of our oils. Immediately after the harvest, the olives are cleaned of leaves and branches, and immediately driven to the oil mill for pressing. Thus, on the same day, or at the latest the day after the harvest, the liquid gold, one of the most valuable foods known to mankind, starts flowing.

There is no dish that our olive oils cannot be paired with and their nutritional value and health benefits are immeasurable compared to everything else. Because olive oil preserves the health of the heart and blood vessels, regulates blood sugar, strengthens muscles and bones, and has a strong anti-inflammatory effect. We could continue indefinitely. That is why Červar olive oils are always the best choice. A new stock is coming soon, for everyone who chooses healthy flavors from nature.